How To Remove Stretch Marks

Stretch marks, for many people, are a fact of life. Developing often as boys and girls reach puberty or in women during pregnancy, stretch marks are reddish or purple-toned lines that appear along various parts of the body, and are named well - they are caused, primarily, by the rapid stretching of the skin.

For some people, stretch marks are pale lines running along various parts of their body. For others, the reddish or violet hue never entirely fades from their skin, and they seem to permanently mar their bodies.

What Can One Do To Remove Stretch Marks?

There are several ways for stretch marks removal

• Put together a concoction of a half cup or virgin olive oil, and in aloe vera gel of a quarter of a cup. Then add the liquid of 6 vitamin E capsules and also liquid from Vitamin A capsules of at least 4 capsules (do not use if pregnant) into a blender and then refrigerate the mixture. After it’s been refrigerated for several hours to a day apply the mixture on stretch marks.

• Using vitamin E capsules by punching in a small hole in the capsules and rub it on the stretch marks. Do allow some time for the vitamin E to absorb into the skin and work into the stretch marks, then wipe or wash off the oil.

• Use an apricot scrub and rub it on the stretch marks and this will help to remove stretch marks in a gradual pace.

• Another way to reduce stretch marks is to use a mixture of avocado, sweet almond, lavender, chamomile, and jojoba essential oils together. This mixture will help to reduce the amount of stretch marks from appearing.

• Use lotions, creams and gels products containing cocoa butter, aloe vera, and tea tree oil to help with reducing and eliminating the stretch marks from coming back.

• Consume plenty of water of at least eight to ten glasses which helps to hydrate the skin, keep the skin youthful and glowing.

• Laser surgery is another option to consider in eliminating stretch marks. Lasers will be able to reduce the color of dark stretch marks and help stimulate the production of pigment cells. The laser therapy is also an option to produce collagen and assist in restoring the elasticity in the skin.

• Use creams such as Alpha Hydroxl Acids (AHA) which is made from fruit juices or fruit acids and is very helpful in reducing the appearance of stretch marks.